Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1st Month...1st Fill...1st 44 lbs.!!!!

Well the first month has come and gone and I have to stay it was a success!! Here are some cool things that occurred during the month:

  • Down 21 lbs. since surgery date of 09.16.10. That coupled with the 23.3 I lost prior to surgery has me down 44.3 lbs! Weighed in at 285.6 this morning...the lowest I have been in over 3 years!!
  • Down 2 pant sizes! I started out in a 46 and am now down to a 42....lots of pants being handed over to Goodwill!
  • No longer a 3XL in shirts! I fit into all of my 2XL shirts now and have even bought a few new ones!
  • Down 3 notches on the belt! Suit pants getting a little "bunched" up so will have to have them altered soon but using new notches on the old belt feels great!
  • 4 guys at work have all jumped on the weight loss bandwagon and we are down a combined 90 lbs. none of them have the weight issues I do but fun to see I am inspiring some folks!
So a pretty cool month! I went in for my fill today as well and based off of my wife's fill by the same doctor thought I was gong to have to kick and scream just to get a fill as he gave her 1cc after she complained when he said he wasn't going to give her any on the first fill. Well, with no complaining he gave me 2cc's. I do have a bigger band but was happy to see he was being a little aggressive with me. Not sure of any restriction yet as have just been on liquids this afternoon but pretty uneventful fill...phew!

So this thing is off an running! We will be visiting family and friends in November for Turkey Day and cannot weight...err...way to see them! Hoping to be down another 10 - 15 lbs by then...we'll see?!?!

Take care all and keep posting...soooo inspirational!!!

Here is a shot of my wife an i on our recent "date night". Saw a great movie and the strange thing was we enjoyed just as much even without buttery popcorn and candy!?!? Weird!!!

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  1. You both look amazing in this picture, can't WAIT to see you in November.

    By the WAY...there's been a warrant issued for your arrest in Pun Couty.

  2. Way to go! You are rockin it baby!

  3. Holy moly! 21 pounds in one month???? That's crazy good!