Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 1st Week and my trip to "Two"derville

Well, week 1 is in the books and I am down about 31 lbs total and about 10 lbs. from surgery date. Not a bad week...that is unless I actually wanted to eat solid food. Yea, the liquid diet blows but it is what it is. Here i will give a brief recap of Week 1;

Day of Surgery - Nervous! But surgery goes well and I am up and walking around soon after. I did a lot of walking o never experienced those bad gas pains that some do...PHEW! Relatively pain free except for the incision where the port was...that kind of hurts.

Day After Surgery - Sore. Not horrible pain but definitely sore. I am not a big pain pill guy so only took the Oxycodon prescribed right before bed. I slept in the Lazy-Boy, very well I might add, as to lay completely down hurt. Minor pain in chest from restriction from band...but only when drinking.

Day 2 - 4After Surgery - All about the same. Feeling better each day. Sticking to liquids and relatively pain free by day 4 or 5. Resisted weighing myself up to this point.

Day 5 - I had to weight myself to see...down 5 lbs...WooHoo!!! Slept in bed for first time this night and boy did it feel goooood! No real pain and getting liquids down pretty well now. Tried soup broth this night and was a nice change of pace from the Protein shakes and water.

Day 6 - Back to work and did okay. Key to succeeding at this at work is going to be preparation. Work life is not concussive to any diet let alone this new going to be up to me to prep for the days in the office and on the road.

Day 7 - Dropped below 300 lbs for the first time in almost 2 years!! A friend (The Little Bandit) told her husband about breaking into the 200's and said I was in "Two"derland...he thought she meant "Tooter"land and just thought I was having gas pains...hilarious!!!

Day 8 - Bad day! Developed rash around each incision which doctor says was allergic reaction to the "glue" they used to seal off incisions. It itches soooooo bad! Had to take Benadryl to make it through the night. This sucks!

Day 9 - Rash pretty much gone but still there...itches a little bit but not as bad. Today got on the scale and it read 297.1 lbs. which put me down 32.9 total and almost 10 since surgery. I am feeling great, and the weight loss makes the rash worth it. Have my sites set on 279.9 which is my goal for when we go to California to visit family and friends on November 19th. Can't weight....err...wait!!!

So, that was week one...really not bad. If this gets me to my end game of around 200 lbs. then all the pain, rashes and liquid diets will totally be worth it!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!!


  1. Sounds like a very successful week! You are on the right track! Keep on rockin!

  2. Rashes from the glue, yucko. Glad it's going so well so far. And it was "twoderville". ;)