Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life After Fifty!!!

Life after Fifty....ROCKS!!! Yep, I just passed my first 50 lbs down! Started at 330 lbs and got on the scale yesterday and it read 276.7!! That is 53.3 lbs lost...Holy Smokes!!! I'm feeling great, sticking to the new lifestyle and just trying to keep going in a positive direction.

When this all started I never thought I would even get this far! I've got a personal goal now of 269.9 by Turkey Day which would be about another 7 lbs in the next 3 weeks...well within my reach. I have 2cc's in my 12cc band and go back for another fill on the 17th of this month...hoping for another 2 cc's. But there is danger looming in the distance...

I just recently got promoted and will be moving back to CA. In prep for this move I have a business trip to CA next week and this trip will consist of dinners out, happy hours at bars and much, much temptation. I think I will be okay, I just have to stay prepared. I find preparation is the number thing that has kept me on track since I was banded 6 weeks ago. So if you have any tips of how to eat right on business or road trips...I'm all ears!

Hope everyone is well!


  1. Something I do: I order my meal and ask them to divide it in half, and put half in a take out container and half on my plate. Also, I try to visit restaurant websites and see if they have nutritional info to help make the best choices. Usually, for me, steak is a safe bet, but a lot of people can't seem to eat steak. I can! HA!

    Congrats on all your success!!

  2. ps: just read something about you on Jess' blog. Funny, dude!