Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Banded Dad....doing it for Dad...

When someone finds out that I having Lap-Band surgery it is usually followed with a comment like, "Make sure you are doing it for you." Well, I am doing this for me, however I would be lying if I was to say I was not inspired by others. The easy inspiration is doing it for my wife and son. My wife Jaimie ('Banded Together') inspires me every day and I cannot wait to begin this journey on my own and join her on her journey. My son, well, that's also easy. Nothing brings me more joy in my life then when I see him or hear the words, Dada...tugs the heart strings every time. I want and will lose the weight to ensure I can enjoy him in my life for as long as possible...this brings me to my father.

A year ago today my father passed away from complications from a hernia surgery. His weight and the fact he was a smoker for the majority of his life were leading contributors. However regardless of the cause...he isn't here today. I still have not taken his number out of my cell phone, my mom still has his voice on her answering machine and I still have his stories and jokes ringing in my ears. The pain I felt the day I knew he passed was indescribable...while I know someday my son will feel that pain I felt that day...I do not want it to come any sooner then it has too. So while yes, I'm doing it for my boy, doing it for my wife and of course myself...i feel I owe it to my father to learn from his mistakes and in the end...I'm doing it for dad.

The pics below are of me and my dad on the day I graduated college, 2 days before he passed last year and the above is the tattoo I got on my back in his memory..."The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was his favorite song...


  1. I'm sorry about your Dad.

    I think it's great to use people in your life as a source for inspiration. It will help you stay focused!

  2. I love the tat:) Sorry about your dad. I think you are going to do great :)

  3. I am so sorry about your dad and so happy for you to join this amazing community. My dad passed away almost 5 years ago with weight related issues so I can empathize with your heartache and your dad's influence on your decision to band (maybe one day I will post my dad tattoo as well). I am looking forward to following your own amazing journey and wish you well at surgery time.

  4. I love you babe and am so proud of you and all you do for Jaxon and I. You are an amazing husband and father.

    And a little WOOO HOOOOO your getting banded tomorrow :)

  5. Amazing post! My condolences...one year later!

  6. Hope your surgery went good I cant wait to follow you on this journey,,,best of luck xo M